Double Board Certified

Why is that important to you?

To be board certified is a standard for doctors to care for their patients. Dr. Michael K. James is the only Podiatrist in the region that is double board certified, making him highly qualified to take care of all your needs... Read More


Advanced Equipment

What we use is as important as how we use it.

Our on-site surgical center takes advantage of the latest technology, allowing better knowledge, giving you the best options to provide care for all of your foot needs... Read More


Non-Surgical Options

Surgery is not the only way to treat foot ailments.

Many patients with foot injuries fear they will need surgery to fix their pain. This is simply not true. Dr. Michael K. James is able to prescribe many orthotic and supporting products to treat, correct, and strengthen your... Read More


What you say matters.

Let our own patients tell you how we do!

"My son broke his ankle in a grid-kid football game. Dr. James came in on a Saturday to take x-rays, find out what broke, and set the cast... It was clear that he was mid-gardening, his knees all grass stained, but he didn't even... Read More

What We Do

Services We Provide

Treating each patient individually.

We know that every person we meet is so unique, and so are their foot issues. Dr. James specializes in a wide array of different in-office procedures and operative procedures if needed. From bunions to diabetic... Read More

Health Tips

Dr. James cares!

A little "prescription" to keep yourself healthy:

"The winter is approaching and sidewalks are beginning to freeze in the mornings. Make sure to watch where you step and avoid any steep declines, now is the time where I see too many sprained ankles! Heel-toe! Heel-toe!" Read More

Idaho Falls Podiatrist, Dr. Michael K. James, DPM

Neuropathy Specialist
Certified Surgeon
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Teton Foot and Ankle Office, Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Podiatrist - Dr. Michael K. James

Dr. Michael K. James is the premier Idaho Falls podiatrist. Dr. James specializes in pain, neuropathy, bunions, sprains, and neuromas. He is the only podiatrist in Idaho Falls that is double board certified. Dr. James' experience and knowledge allow him to provide the podiatry care you need. His passion for foot and ankle care is unmatched, and the results will show. 


Your Caring Podiatrist in Idaho Falls

Dr. Michael K. James grew up in Idaho Falls and has lived here his whole life. Dr. James is a podiatrist in Idaho Falls because he loves the area and the people. The Teton Foot and Ankle Center allows Dr. James to meet local patients. Dr. James wants to build a personal relationship with each patient, and he genuinely cares about their feet. If you are seeking for an Idaho Falls podiatrist, call now and set up an appointment today!


Do you have pain in your feet or lower legs?

Dr. Michael K. James and his team at the Teton Foot and Ankle Center are here to relieve the pain you might feel in your feet and ankles. Dr. James wants your experience to be positive. No one wants to live with foot and ankle pain. The highly-qualified team at Teton Foot and Ankle Center will help you with any podiatry issues you might be having in your feet and ankles. Contact our office today to set up an appointment with our top-of-the-line Idaho Falls podiatrist, Dr. Micheal K. James.