Dr. James takes great pride in providing the most modern and up to date technology available in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. He understands that by using today's advanced technology, earlier diagnosis and more accurate treatment can be provided to those who suffer foot and ankle pain.

Digital X-RAY with High Definition Monitors

This modern technology is a giant leap from the conventional X-Ray films that would require development like old photography film... Read More

Diagnostic Ultrasound

This technology is commonly used in the diagnosis of such things as Ganglion Cysts, Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuromas, Tendonopathies, small bone and joint deformities, and foreign bodies... Read More

Sunnyside Surgery Center

In an attempt to reduce the financial burden that is frequently associated with surgery, Dr. James established and organized the Sunny Side Surgical Center. This center was established in 2004 and shares the same building space as the Teton Foot and Ankle Center... Read more

"X-Ray In-Motion" Fluoroscan

Allowing Dr. James to observe a persons skeletal structure in motion, such as movement of an ankle, or the wiggling of the big toe joint. fluoroscopy is an excellent tool to make immediate adjustments with incredible accuracy... Read More

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